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Allergies can significantly disrupt your daily life and well-being. Allergies demand attention and care, whether it’s the sneeze-inducing pollen in the air or a food item that sets off a rash or dust in the air
At Swasa Clinic, we provide treatment for all Allergy types. Understanding the unique challenges of Allergies across different life stages (from bustling Adults to playful Children and even during the critical phase of Pregnancy) is crucial. We offer specialized care for Asthma & Allergy in Adults, Teenagers, Infants & Toddlers, Children, and Pregnant Women


DIMETHYLGLYCINE(DMG) ALLERGY: This Allergy is less common but significant.
POLLEN ALLERGY: Seasonal or year-round Allergy management plans tailored to minimize your symptoms and maximize your comfort.
FOOD SKIN ALLERGY: Expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for adverse reactions caused by Food Allergens.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS AND ATOPIC DERMATITIS: Targeted therapies to soothe and manage these common Allergic Conditions.
ALLERGIC PHARYNGITIS: Swift and effective treatment to relieve the discomfort of an Allergic Sore Throat.
COMPREHENSIVE ALLERGY TESTING: Knowledge is power. Our Allergy test cost is transparent, and tests are thorough, ensuring you know exactly what you’re up against.
FOOD, EYE AND DRUG ALLERGIES: From Ingestion to Inhalation and everything in between, we’ll find the source and provide the solution.


Skin prick test is the most accurate Allergy test more than Blood Allergy tests for an Allergy Specialist. It’s a quick, safe, and inexpensive way to check what you are Allergic to
Whether you’re in Hyderabad or the surrounding areas, our Allergy Specialist in Hyderabad is here to provide exceptional care. We’re not just an Allergy Clinic near you but a community where patients find Relief and Reclaim their Quality of life. Trust our Allergy Hospital to guide you through different Allergy types into the clarity of well-managed Health.

Still Looking For Best Allergy Specialist In Hyderabad?

Still Looking For Best Allergy Specialist In Hyderabad?